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About Josh Chambers


Hey, thanks for checking out my page, if you wanna help me make this dream a reality consider pledging to my campaign!

My story:
I've been animating for a while now and its been awesome! I love making cartoons online. But I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. I want to grow and I want to actually make something worth my time that I can share with all of you! Rent is not getting any cheaper, so I've had to resort to doing soul crushing commission work which is making it more difficult to work on cartoons for my own channel.

The Game Plan:
So, my plan, with a little help from you guys is to make short films and perhaps turn them into a series. Ive started one right now (progress currently shown on my production blog) and Im so excited to show people, Its going to take a while and theres a lot of production work. I also want to make funny little shorts on my channel while doing these big projects. If this seems like something you wanna be a part of become a patron and Ill see you soon!

How Uploads will work:
Now I cant promise uploads every month. But I can say that I will always be working on new toons and will be posting progress / rewards to this patreon all the time! Consider this place to be like an exclusive youtube channel where you can see progress and finished toons early as well as vote on future projects.

Consistency is key though!

As long as you guys support me a new animation will always be around the corner.
Thanks so Much!

                                           Current Projects:


59% complete
Holy crap this Patreon thing works! If we keep this up I might be able to do this full time one day!
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