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is creating The Nameless INN (RPG Pub)

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This Tier is identical to the Heroic Tier save it is being sponsored for a 3rd Realm Hero on someone else's behalf. Select this Tier and Email Mr. Creek to select who you are providing the Heroic Tier for.

Also Perfect for General Support of our Mission!




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"Adventure With Impact: The 3rd Realm is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game focused around role playing and story development. For Players Characters, The 3rd Realm offers continuous adventures, in an engaging and evolving setting. For Dungeon Masters, The 3rd Realm offers a community of mature, consistent players in a world you can add your own unique tale to. To both The 3rd Realm offers a safe, dedicated Venue and Organization to allow reliable weekly RPG sessions."

The 3rd Realm is a "Living Tapestry" Role Play Game whose destiny is to open an RPG cafe/pub Venue in Hamilton Ontario dedicated to providing all role play communities a home base to visit their worlds and beyond..We are one community of many tables and many heroes. We currently run weekly sessions of Dungeons and Dragons 5e and support a large community of player who all play in one large "Co-Created" universe. Through building and uniting communities of Roleplayers (Tabletop and Larping alike) we shall unite RPG communities together and open our venue in or before 2020. 

The 3rd Realm's "INN Keeper", Mr. Creek is no 1st Level Hero when it comes to Gaming Venues. From 2008-2010 our community in Hamilton Ontario knew him by the Gamer Tag: Razing_Zozo at Pownz Gaming Centre. His promise to the community he once help foster was to one day return to the scene and open a new Venue dedicated to the passion of all the Heroes seeking that better tomorrow. 

Join our ranks! Be part of the greatest Tale ever told! Witness the POWER of imagination to manifest into something very real. Help bring the 3rd Realm into your world!

$331.23 of $400 per month
We can now upgrade our Membership at our Home Venue, providing us 24 Hour Access! More sessions can now be hosted every month. We can now open up an additional weekly Open Door session. More resources are now available to improve daily adventures.

We will have a party to celebrate.
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