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If you just wanted to support me by throwing a little my way, this is here for you. Thanks so much! (no rewards, just appreciation and giving me motivation to write more)

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My great appreciation, and a chapter early!

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About mrezman

Hey all, I'm mrezman, and for the past few months I've been writing a webnovel called The Power of Formations. I've been really shocked by the support so far, so thank you so much! With this patreon, I hope to be able to set everything else aside and focus on writing more. If you're willing to support me, I'll try to provide some special perks like reading a chapter or two early (subject to some change to final copy).

Thank you so much, and thanks for reading!

Note: I'm not struggling financially or anything (besides typical college debt), so if you don't have the means or interest to support, please don't feel pressured to do so!
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I will start production of the anime adaption
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