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  • Your name will be Shown and thanked on the content that I make, it's only possible with you!
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  • I will play any game you want during live stream! (for a little while)
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Hello all! Welcome to the Patreon page! I am a small  YouTuber/Twitch streamer just doing this as a hobby and because it's fun!  At least I like to think of myself as one. I stream as regularly as I can and try to make YouTube videos often, although the latter hasn't really been happening much right now.


Like I said this is a hobby, I have a full time job, so needless to say that any money that is pledged/tipped/donated will go right back into the content that I make! I live with my family and produce content in my bedroom. No huge studio, no production crew, no professionals, just one guy trying this out to see if this as fun as everyone makes it to be!

Who I Am

My name is Gary, 20 years of age, with a passion for technology and creating content. I live with my family and mostly just work and play games. I don't make a whole lot, but I do make a good amount to provide the content for you! If you ever do have any more questions about me feel free to ask. However, you will get a quicker response if you ask me on Twitch while I'm streaming!

What do you get when pledging to me?

  • First off THANK YOU SO MUCH! Every little bit will go back into the content to make it better!
  • Check out the different levels of pledges for specifics!
  • More content that'll make you laugh (hopefully)!


$0 of $50 per month
Just want to see if this is possible! If I ever do make this goal, it will go towards building a separate streaming PC to better the stream!
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