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The Team: My name is JW Mizell and I'm science teacher who loves vloging about new inventions and education. An odd combination to vlog about, however, if you think about it, both can solve any problem. I work at a STEM High School in Asheville, NC. I teach physical, earth, and environmental science, as well as sponsor an Innovation Club. Teaching is my passion, but as most teachers know, it is hard to make a living just on teaching. After my daughter was born, my wife and I decided it would be best for her to stay home with the baby, but I needed to find a second job to keep us afloat. Before I apply to flip burgers, I'm going to give movie making a shot. I love making videos about science, engineering, and other STEM related stuff. Tara, my wife, does a lot of behind the scenes design work, while I do the silly stuff. Youtube has given us that opportunity to share our love for education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. If you like our videos, please subscribe and support our family by supporting Mr. Innovator Educator.

You: By supporting Mr. Innovator Educator you will help fund each video, animations, music, interviews with the best inventors around the world, and with the video editing. 

As little as $1 per video, you can support the video production for Mr. Innovator Educator.  If you want to cap your monthly pledge amount, that is possible too!

 Thank you so much for your time and support with Mr. Innovator Educator and I hope to see you out and about.


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