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Choose from my *entire library, hundreds of cinemagraphs listed on my Flixel gallery:

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Most of what I publish here is publicly available and free to view!

That's right I'm not using Patreon to try and charge at the gate for what I've always provided for free through my Instagram & Youtube i.e. editing workflows, gear reviews and behind the scenes on my photography and lighting setups. So at the very least just 'Follow' me here for updates. If you feel I'm worthy of a donation I'd be really honored! The option to pledge $1 a month also means you can message me direct here on Patreon and along the way I can provide some cool rewards (file downloads etc). I'm always happy to give technical advice & feedback on your work or let's just have a chat! A lot of the cinemagraphs I post to Instagram & Vero will also get embedded here first so consider that an early access bonus whether you pay or not.  

Stock Video Subscriptions & Paid Content
Beyond that Patreon gives me an opportunity to list a few things which I've always charged for such as some stock licensing packages (subscription based which is fantastic) as well as access to my 'Cinemagraph Soundscape' videos.

So what is cinemagraph photography?
A single photographic image retaining the magic of still photography combined with an element in that picture which repeats in an infinite, seamless loop. It's hypnotic and magical, it can be incredibly calming or it can be incredibly energizing! That element of motion has a way of stimulating a feeling, kicking the imagination into a higher gear and I believe... harnessing your own creativity. Watch my trailer for examples.

My cinemagraphs are all from original video shot by me, I don't create them by manipulating a still image to emulate motion (a technique seen often on social media using apps).

So why cinemagraphs?
Back near the turn of the century (that makes me sound really old) I worked behind a camera in film & television (we still recorded on tapes!) but my passion was always for the magic of still photography (that was on film) and the way it triggers the imagination (mine is overactive).

I ended up going into business as a brand communications manager (brand storytelling through words and pictures!) But a few years ago I rediscovered my love of photography as a hobby and found that I could merge it with my skills from the world of video. Aka Cinemagraphs!

Commercial work
I've also create cinemagraphs in my spare time for a number of brands (like above... watch brands love cinemaraphs!). So aside from licensing my existing work I can make cinemagraphs for you too. I'll be honest, it's a sideline for me so I'm selective about the work I take on but I'd totally love to hear from you... I get very excited about working with good brands big or small and I'm particularly interested in hearing from clients who are considering ongoing content creation, that way I can offer much better rates and more efficient workflow by getting to know you and what you need. From that I may introduce a subscription based 'custom cinemagraph package' on here like the stock license packages i.e. 1 custom cinemagraph per month for $200. Hit me up if that sounds like something you'd go for.

Anyway... watch this space! ;)

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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