Maddox Pratt

is creating letterpress art, books, poetry
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About Maddox Pratt

Hello potential patrons. My name is Maddox Pratt. some of you may be familiar with my work in Twine

In addition to making digital work, I paintcreate handmade booksand write poetry. I have also been learning how to create letterpress work. To do this work requires access to a studio. While I am able to sell some of my handmade journals online, I do not make enough from this to support these artistic endeavors. This is where you come in. 

With your support, I will be able to pay for a membership to the print collective so as to have access to a press and pay for materials. Supporting me also helps keep Community Print running as your contributions go to support paying rent on our space so we can continue to offer classes on letterpress and provide access to materials for the Olympia, WA community. 

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Help community print stay alive by helping me pay rent for our space.
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