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A virtual hug and a shout out on stream! 
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You control the content! You get to vote on what Mr. Kelso plays next and a link to the form to submit new game ideas! Also, you'll have the permanent permission to post images, gifs, and videos in chat.
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You get a monthly "thank you" post card personally written by Mr. Kelso! (Plus everything in the previous tiers)




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About MrKelso

Hello! Welcome to the stream Patreon page!

I love to entertain, encourage, and enjoy the company of my friends and fans across the Internet, specifically through my live streams on hitbox and my YouTube page. It is a goal of mine to be able to provide even more quality content through your pledged support.

Why Patreon?

So many of you have said "Kelso, why don't you have a sub button? I'd sub to you." Well, I don't have one yet and so this is the best way for you to offer that support so that I can continue to provide entertaining and encouraging streams and YouTube videos.

Help Mold My Stream

I want my patrons, some of my biggest fans, to have the opportunity to keep the streaming and YouTubing interesting by suggesting games I should play and filling my chat up with tons of silliness for the world to enjoy!

$0 of $60 per month
I'll be purchasing one new game a month voted on by my Patrons and streaming it live!
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