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If you just want a copy of the video script for every video Herr Antrim uploads, this is the best option for you. You simply pay $1 per video and get access to the scripts. 

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At this level you will get access to all of the materials for each video including the video script in German and English (side-by-side), an MP3 Podcast version of the video, and a worksheet with answer key for each video.
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If you are the patron at this level, you love Herr Antrim so much that you want to pay his entire annual salary so that he can quit his day job and make YouTube videos full time. At this level of support, once a year on your birthday, Herr Antrim will personally purchase a flight and go to your home, cook your favorite meal, and serve it to you while talking with you about a topic of your choice. 



About Herr Antrim

Herr Antrim has been creating German language videos on YouTube since 2011. He has been teaching German since 2009. Each week he uploads one video to help teach you German. These videos teach a variety of topics. Each video is also accompanied by a blog post on his website.

In expanding the things Herr Antrim does on YouTube, there have been some costs involved. The cost of maintaining his website, updating computer software, and the time involved in making the videos have continued to increase over the years. Your financial support of Herr Antrim's YouTube channel and website will help him continue to create awesome videos and blog posts, as well as purchase some new equipment, software, and dedicate more time to this endeavor. 

Thank you so much for your support.
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20 patrons per upload would be fantastic. At this level, I could afford to get new software for my computer and create even better videos for you.
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