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* To claim any of this you may have to poke me in Discord

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- Everything from previous tiers

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* To claim any of this you may have to poke me in Discord 

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Hi there!!

So who am I and what is this page for?

My name is Lars, or MrLar on the internet, I'm a 22 (19th of June) year old Developer with the goal in mind to bring people something easy yet fun to use. On this page you can support me for various things. However the main use of this page as of the time of writing this, is my discord bot Shuvi, which is private. Pledging to me automatically grants you the right to invite Shuvi to servers of you choice (exact amount of how many server you can invite it to depends on your pledge amount). Shuvi is a bot that mainly focuses on moderation and information providing. Generally you will find very useful commands to keep you server safe, including auto moderation. As well as some commands that provide you with information about users, your server and more. Plans for the bot are to add more fun aspects to it (like a currency system for instance). One of the more intriguing features is probably its specialrole system (further explained below).
In the future this patreon page will be used for more than just Shuvi. Exact plans are to be determined.

It should probably be noted that you will likely never see me make posts on Patreon. My main form of communicating and informing is Discord. As everything that has to do with this Patreon is discord related, so there is no point in running 2 news feeds.

What you get for Donating

You get access to my discord bot, as stated above, for exact rewards please check the panel above (or on the side, Patreon's layout is weird sometimes). In the future there will be more rewards, both bot related and other stuff.
Every single dollar helps me greatly and I appreciate every donation equally. Thanks for considering it.

What is the Special Roles feature?

Special roles are basically roles that people with Manage Server permissions can assign to members, they then can edit this roles name and color freely without needing the Manage Roles permission using the specialroles command.

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