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About Mr Marketology

The Marketing Strategy Session is produced to provide you with practical marketing strategies.  We will interview some of today's top marketing minds and gather their insights, resources and practices. 

Here is a brief outlook:

Mission: To enlighten businesses with marketing insights on how they can become the authority in their space and guide inspired implementation.

Audience: Businesses looking to modernize their marketing methods in order to gain market-share.

Your Host's Credentials: Over 12+ years of experience in Internet marketing working with some of the top brands, industry authorities, and world class agencies. (Track record listed below)

Featured on sources such as: CBS, Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, The Miami Herald, Wall Street Select, Google, Yahoo, and more

Amazon Best Selling Author for "Influencer Breakthroughs: Three Leading Experts Share Strategies For Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success In Business and Life"

Speaker at ClickZ Chicago and Thrive Chicago

Host of The Marketing Strategy Session -

I am very accessible.

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To connect with me via LinkedIn or email - [email protected]
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I will be able to show proof of concept for the show.  This will enable me to obtain even more sought after guest as well as test and provide use cases for more marketing strategies and solutions.
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