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Ahoy! Thank you for taking an interest in supporting Emojitracker.

Emojitracker has been running since July 2013, in which time it has tracked over 20 Billion tweets. I've spent years developing and tuning the various open-source software that powers Emojitracker to be very, very efficient, but the sheer vast volume of data Emojitracker processes means that it still requires some beefy servers to run.

My initial goal is to get to the point where Emojitracker is financially neutral for me to operate (e.g. costs only my freely-provided time, rather than actively taking money out of my pocket).

Thanks for supporting independent web projects!
$23 of $250 per month
The current cost of hosting Emojitracker in a very scrappy way. At this point, I stop losing money every month to provide Emojitracker for free.
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