Marilyn Sholin

is creating Painting Tutorials with Digital & Acrylic Corel & Adobe
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About Marilyn Sholin

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Patreon. My new platform for creating monthly content for you.
I have been dreaming about getting away from the distractions on Facebook and forming a group that wants to participate and interact with all things painting and art. I think this is our place!

I am a Corel Paint Master Elite  and you can see a more current list of myself and the other Elite artists HERE. I don't know if you have ever Googled me but you will find a lot of information and tons of things I have online. 

Often I change my bio and artist statement. Here is a current bio and a current list of where you can find my art.

Marilyn Sholin Fine Art
Asheville, NC
Internationally known artist, author and educator, Marilyn Sholin creates paintings about the artistry of the spirits from beer to martinis, wine and more. She added coffee into her mix of art because it only made sense to include it.
Marilyn moved from Miami to Asheville and has never looked back. Her incredible 25 years as an award winning portrait photographer took a turn to painting in the 90’s and developed into a passion for mixed media. Her original mixed media incorporate a long process of multiple photo references which she synthesizes into one image and digitally paints. That is printed on high quality canvas and then enhanced with acrylic paints and mediums, dyes, pigments and a variety of other materials. This method creates many layers of texture to each painting.
The fine art paintings are then converted to a final digital file that can be printed as giclee canvas, fine art paper and dye infused metals and other substrates for collectors. Color and energy run through every Marilyn painting. She brings inanimate objects to life with their shapes, colors and textures.
Marilyn’s work has won Best of Show at the juried Grace Gallery and has also been exhibited in the Asheville Airport Gallery and many breweries and restaurants in Asheville and the surrounding area.
Her paintings are in private collections internationally. She is a Master Photographer recognized by the Professional Photographers of America and a Golden Artist Educator teaching classes and workshops on Golden Artist acrylic paints. Her workshops are both local and international and include a variety of art and photography subjects.
“Being an artist also means collecting art. Collecting art at any price is a satisfying and addictive process. As I finish hanging some of our older pieces we have finally unpacked and hanging some of our new pieces I realize how meaningful it is to sit amongst other artists work. I thank my parents who collected art and my aunts and uncles, who were artists, especially my mother for taking me to museums for as long as I can remember.”
Marilyn lives full time in Asheville and is owned by way too many cats.

To find out more about how Patreon works see this:

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ART MECCA Charleston SC
Woolworth Walk Asheville NC
Kress Emporium Asheville NC
Wine Sage and Gourmet Hendersonville NC
Painting Coastal Moments New Baltimore Michigan
Post 25 Arden NC

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We’re in it for “THE MONEY’, and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. After all, with 7 Cats to feed, several deliveries of Litter per month, and their use of Recreational Catnip, they can become quite expensive. Not to mention, they love eating our food as well. (Shrimp, Sushi, Chicken, Sea Bass, Bottled Water, and so on) SO needless to say, we need many,many members to join this group to make our dream possible……..
And of course PIZZA!!

All Kidding Aside: I've been looking for a way to connect with my students and workshop attendees that I can continually add  content as I find it and create it. There will be videos and podcasts and short little tips plus the long tutorials you all like so much. MY GOAL is to have a "home" for us away from all the other platforms and to be able to continue to create for you all a friendly atmosphere where I can share. 
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