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Yo, I'm Ricket, or Kate... whatever you prefer. I've been drawing cartoon critters for quite some time now!

It's just a tip jar! Support me here if you like my personal work, commissions will still be open as usual on my Twitter. 

What will I offer here? For patrons I'll try and upload digital doodles from the week each Friday. Every two weeks I'll post sketchbook doodles. At the end of the month I'll post a lower res file combo with everything for everyone, and a higher res one for patrons. I might throw in some process videos for fun too. Please note that output may vary week to week.

Tiers down the line?
Later on I may add commission tiers, or a monthly sticker sheet/pack but I'm going to try and just keep to an upload schedule for now. 
Open to suggestions!

Thanks for takin' a look!

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