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About Ms. Vixen

You're here because you love to support innovative creatives, and you also love independent media that's by the people and for the people. You also want to get rid of the struggle that is so connected to the struggling artist narrative! 

Ms. Vixen is a digital platform created by Queen, a writer for the Bronx with goals of becoming the a media mogul and be a key player in the narrative the world receives about Black people all over the diaspora. Basically, we're telling our stories our way, and you will listen (or not) but chances are you will listen because you are here! I would love to pay the writers, photographers, graphic designers and everyone who has helped me make this become a great online destination, but more is needed to break our plateau and reach new heights, we want to break the glass ceiling and just be great!
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Ms. Vixen's goal is to be the number one online destination for women. With content on our website, ,  and our podcast. This will  help keep the website and podcast up and running! 
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