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About Manuel Etchegaray

Who am I?

Hello! My Name is Manuel Etchegaray, I have been making games and random apps for quite a while (over 13 years now!), And I also happen to be a passionate Magic: The Gathering player. I love Magic, I love games, and I love making new stuff!

What is this?

MTG Arena Tool ( is many things at the same time; At its core its a deck tracker, shows your deck and statistics while your are playing in a beautiful overlay that you can switch to become an action log, track cards you opponents played, and even a draft helper that displays how many copies of each card you already own and suggests the best picks!
But besides that it does many more things; it tracks match results, keeping a history of all games you played. It shows individual deck's statistics, like winrates against specific colors, it keeps a record of your economy, packs you opened, how you spent your gold, what events you entered, and so many more exciting stuff I am constantlly working on
Why did you make this?

It started as a pet project when I first played MTG:Arena. It quickly evolved and I saw the opportunity to make something great for everyone; If other games have this kind of software, MTG Arena must not be the exception.

Why do you need Patreon?

I work full time and I have a family, so my time and resources for software development are quite limited. I started MTG Arena Tool free and open source, and I plan to keep it that way. Having Patreon support would help me with common expenses like servers and software certificates, and would pay off for all time involved into development of the app, maintaining the code, the servers, fixing bugs and adding new features!

I plan to add many new features to the app over time, some very requested ones (like match replays) are already on the whiteboard and require a lot of work to materialize. Other features include sideboard statistics, automatic logs backup, leaderboards, user profiles, web access, and more. I am constantly looking into new space to explore!

$192.60 of $300 per month
  • Public and open REST API.
  • Multiple Server instances.
  • My full time for development of the app, hot fixes and discord support.
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