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Who am I?

Hello! My Name is Manuel Etchegaray, I have been making games and random apps for quite a while (over 12 years now!), And I also happen to be a passionate Magic: The Gathering player. I love Magic, I love games, and I love making new stuff!

What is this?

MTG Arena Tool ( is many things at the same time; At its core its a deck tracker, shows your deck and statistics while your are playing in a beautiful overlay that you can switch to become an action log, track cards you opponents played, and even a draft helper that displays how many copies of each card you already own and suggests the best picks!
But besides that it does many more things; it tracks match results, keeping a history of all games you played. It shows individual deck's statistics, like winrates against specific colors, it keeps a record of your economy, packs you opened, how you spent your gold, what events you entered, and so many more exciting stuff I am constantlly working on
Why did you make this?

It started as a pet project when I first played MTG:Arena. It quickly evolved and I saw the opportunity to make something great for everyone; If other games have this kind of software, MTG Arena must not be the exception.

Why do you need Patreon?

I work full time and I have a family, so my time and resources for software development are quite limited. I started MTG Arena Tool free and open source, and I plan to keep it that way. Having Patreon support would help me with common expenses like servers and software certificates, but it could also be my job! If I earn enough I can reduce normal work hours and dedicate that time (and more!) to the development and maintenance of MTG Arena Tool; which not only means more features , but also a faster pace of development, that would greatly improve the speed in which I can fix any of the issues that are commonly presented.
$100 – reached! per month
Not only I will be able to pay for all server expenses , but I can start thinking about purchasing all the certificates required to make MTG Arena Tool a safe app to AVs!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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