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About More than meats the eye

Hello and welcome !

I am Brian a passionate chef, I have found my vocation in life to specialise in vegetarian and vegan cooking.
I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 35 years in a variety of restaurants, including the famous TGIF and PH
I was born and raised in East London, a melting pot of diverse cultures that still inspires me today , born to parents of Caribbean origins life was very regimental so achievement was a must! I attended college here in London and University in Scotland. Although I studied business and supply chain management, my passion has always been cooking and it has been the vocation I chose to pursue.
My favourite cuisines are Caribbean, South American, fusion cooking, bring influences from different cultural cuisines on to one plate.
I have a great love for music, and my kitchen is full of sounds when I’m cooking. Good ideas begins with good music and great ingredients so let me show you how to enjoy life!
I’m Leonid Savichev, a chef who feels they have more to offer than meets the eye and is excited to able to share life long love of food with you. I was born into a family of Russian vegetarian chefs who inspired me to continue the journey of showcasing vegetarian food and in changing peoples views on a plant-based diet one plate at a time. My Love for vegetarian cooking inspired me to journey India to study traditional cooking methods which eventually brought me to London, where I could further develop my skills.
We have worked together for the last six years and have spent many evenings discussing the opportunities and challenges in presenting a vegetarian menu to a new audience. Our combined knowledge and passion have culminated with our launching of MtMt.
Our dishes will be experimental but will also include some classic dishes interpreted by us and obviously, vegan or vegetarian. We will showcase favourites from our childhood and recipes from our travels and hope our journey becomes your journey as we show each week why vegetarian cooking continues to inspire us.
We are very thankful for the support given to us on Instagram and love sharing not just the recipes but the moments that make up our daily lives.
Brian & Leonid

So if you like what we do and want to support us. You can commit to as little as 1USD which on this island is about 70p or a pack of crisps
We need your help to make a difference!
Leo and Brian
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It may seem alot, however it gives us the ambition and drive to work 100% on delivering the best of our expiriences to you.
And also taking care of our families.
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