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is creating a self sufficient life and loving the land in Appalachia.
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Every dollar, even $1.00 a month, helps defray the substantial cost of producing quality videos.  Thank you!

Also, ALL patrons, at any level, are qualified for any monthly giveaways.

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People who are $5.00/mo patrons receive tier one access plus (patron for at least 3 consecutive months) patrons will receive the electronic version of my book Yesterday I Couldn't Spell Pig Farmer...and today I are one! by Bob Hayles (also available in Kindle form on
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 Patrons that donate $15/mo will everything from tier 1 and tier 2 PLUS be invited to monthly Skype chats that are open to the first 20 patrons that log in (if we see a need, due to more patrons wanting to participate, we will move the chats to a more robust webinar-type platform).

The chats will last approxamately an hour and will be a combination of my answering homesteading/livestock/gardening questions AND a roundtable discussion of these topics so others can offer help and suggestions (you don't think I have ALL the answers, do you?). 




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About Mountain Crest Farm

We at Mountain Crest Farm know your time is valuable...The most valuable thing you have...And we appreciate your taking the time to watch our videos.

We take very seriously what we do here at Mountain Crest Farm and what we bring to you here on Patreon.  While we hope our videos entertain you, we hope even more that they are informative about the homestead life...Needed skillsets to run a homestead frugally, how to be as self-sufficient as possible, how to get away from the rat race while earning enough to pay the bills with a bit left over, and more...

Why become a Patron?

The first, simplest reason to become a ANY level...Is Ad-free videos.The other reason is it costs money to produce decent videos.  Cameras, good video editing software, and time...LOTS of time.  Being a Patron, no matter the monthly amount, helps defray the costs, PLUS...

I plan on doing a monthly giveaway of something that is useful on a homestead.  SO...

Come...learn...enjoy. Let's take this journey together!
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When Mountain Crest Farm has 250 or more patrons we will begin a monthly drawing including ALL patrons of all levels for a tool or piece of equipment that can be used for a homesteading skill or task discussed in the Mountain Crest Farms videos.
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