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Welcome to the Gallowglas Army!

* A "Training Manual" upon enlistment. What's in it? You'll have to enlist to find out."

* Recruits gain basic access to this community, sneak peaks behind-the-scenes, and exclusive stories and content.
* Access to a monthly Q&A thread
* Recruits will get to suggest one word each month that I will have to incorporate into one of the installments of the Nine Tenths Projects during that month.

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As a grunt standing on the front lines of the Gallowglas Army, you will receive the following rewards (in addition to recruit rewards):

* All published works in ebook.

* A personalized Stopwatch Story every month. ( I will post a thread asking for prompts/suggestions toward the beginning of each month, and I will write a flash fiction story for everyone who responds.)

* Access to the rough drafts of nearly everything I write, posted as I write them.
* Weekly musings and reflections on the process of my reading and writing.

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The battle hardened of the Gallowglas Army!

In addition to the lower ranks, sergeants gain the following rewards:

* Copies of all books in dead tree format. (Print, signed and personalized, if you wish.)
* Can choose to be a beta reader of all work.
* Become Tuckerized in my works. That is, when I'm in need of a character name for a story, I will look through the list of Marines and see if I can modify any of the names on the list to fit the character.
* I will hand-write your monthly stopwatch story and mail it to you.
* Access to rantings, ravings, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the  trials, tribulations, and grim underbelly of life as a struggling creative.




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About M Todd Gallowglas

Greetings story lovers! Thank you for visiting my Patreon Page.

Now that I've finished grad school, I'm working on figuring out which directions I want to take my writing. That includes what I want to do with my Patreon. I'd made an ambitious plan for what I was going to do, and promptly ignored it because I was still too close out of grad school to really be objective about direction and goals.

So... Much like my writing, this will be very much a work in progress. 
$250 – reached! per month
Once we reach this goal, I will begin posting audio readings of each installment of The Nine Tenths project.

I will also start making use of the LENS feature on the Patreon app. This lets me share pictures and videos that last for 24 hours. You'll get super secret sneak peeks into the goings on in my creative life, creative griping when things go wrong, and never know who I might run into at conventions and conferences.

Here's a sample reading of "First" from The Nine Tenths Project:
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