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About Much Ado About Cinema

Welcome! At Much Ado About Cinema you will find features, reviews, and essays concerning all aspects of cinema, written by a young and diverse group of contributors. The work we publish here ranges from graduate-level analysis, to casual commentary on mainstream television, to festival coverage of the latest films. In our work, we emphasise diversity and inclusivity, and we wish to cast new impressions on the traditionally white, male and heterosexual world of film criticism.

Much Ado About Cinema was founded to give a place to underrepresented voices in film and television criticism. We care about sexual, racial, and gender diversity, and our team of young writers and editors reflect that. Most of our team are students, thus have none or limited disposable income.

Much Ado admins, editors and writers do not earn any money or benefits for their work. Since our launch in September 2017, we’ve paid for everything ourselves. Our expenses so far have been the maintenance of the website, movie tickets and film festival expenses (accomodation, flight, food, etc.). We’ve been lucky enough to get press passes for almost all festivals we’ve attended. We are growing rapidly, providing more content and festival coverages all around the world but as we grow, so do our expenses—which is why we need your help.

Your donations will be used for the following
  • The maintenance of the website
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