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About Mudskipper Rodeo

HI!! I'm Beth and I like making stuff. all kinds of stuff. Polymer clay sculpture, paper mache, ceramic sculpture, thrown ceramics, painting gaming miniatures, drawing, watercolor, acrylic paintings, weird construction projects, laser cutting, animation, metal working, the list goes on. I don’t really like making the same thing twice. I like trying new things and learning new techniques and making awesome stuff that make people happy and smile and brings joy to their day.

why patreon? 
A huge part of what makes my stuff interesting is the process that I go through to get there. So having a platform where I can share things directly with an engaged community means I can keep my focus on exploring new things and sharing what I learn. My best work so often happens when I'm making something *for* someone not just random art to please the internet. By joining my little patreon tribe that means I'm making stuff for you. 

what do you get out of it?
 inside access to my studio and process that no one has had access to before. As things grow and I’m able to start producing more tutorials and public content this community will always get prime access, first look at new stuff, and exclusive streams and digital workshops (and maybe a few in person workshops).
 ❤︎   Art stuff! There are fun rewards at every tier including coloring pages, stickers, original paintings, and exclusive workshops.
 ❤︎   my super mega huge thanks. You are helping keep me out of a corporate office and where I belong, doing the thing I actually do best. 

Also I'm a big nerd and love kids cartoons, so if you haven't watched Star Wars Clone Wars or Steven Universe or Gravity Falls, go do that now, things will make more sense if you do. 
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