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Welcome Birdyful Fans and Readers! 

About Me

Call me
Muffin, or atisutori (artist bird). I am the Creator of A Budgie's Life, which is free to read on WEBTOON. From anime parodies, to philosophical musings, and comedic love stories from a bird’s point of view! And yes...the series is based on real pet birds with a dramatic flair to their personality. 

I really enjoy drawing Slice of Life comics. Ever since I was a kid I would draw about my pets. It's like my bread and butter genre. I like to write stories where readers can see normal life in a different perspective. 

I am also working on a side series called Soara Academy which is the human universe of A Budgie's Life series. It's an enjoyable read if you dig the humanize versions of my birds. You can check it out on WEBTOON > Canvas. Monthly updates! It can be read as a stand-alone series. You can visit the SA Patreon Page here:

Why Become a Patron?

Maybe just reading the webcomic isn't enough to support the author. Perhaps you want to show a bit more love through something generous? The tiers are here for those who want to show a bit more appreciation, like giving an extra tip...your donations will definitely keep me going and help reach my goals

What are my Benefits?

Every benefits are different depending on what tier you sign up for! The higher the tier, the more birdyful the reward? Okay, the higher the tier, the more stuff you get, haha. But here are some peeks of previous rewards that my patrons have received over the past years. 


The theme changes every month. I had some patrons saying they love collecting them!

-Sticker Sheets-

Limited designs that will never appear again! Theme changes depending on the season or inspiration from fans & readers. Sometimes people can vote for upcoming designs!

-Plus Many More Downloadable Goods!-

Patrons can download HD wallpapers, phone backgrounds, and special art commissions.
Sometimes I like to add small merch samples like vinyl stickers and magnets! It's my way of showing appreciation and giving special treatments, *laugh*.

These birdyful good would not have been possible without generous pledgers. Your support means so much to me! Thank you! 


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  • Reaching this goal will allow me to continue and share A Budgie's Life Webtoon.
  • Help support my birdyful family.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 142 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 142 exclusive posts

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