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I love giving away free games as i collect a lot of them during the year. So while you support me in my goal i will be giving away a new game on every new tutorial :) 




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Hey Everyone,

Youtube for me started off as a method to share solutions to problems i came across on a daily basis while working as a IT technician. I would record solutions and put them on youtube so i can later refer to them, as well as other people who might come across a similar issue.

I did not realise it would result in helping over 8 million people with similar issues. It is a great achievement for me to help so many people. 

So this page is just for those whos issues have been resolved and they would like to support me in continuing to create more tutorials!

Thank you
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Reaching 50 Patrons, I will release 1 video every week covering multiple topics requested by my patrons :)
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