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About muhdnurhidayat MNH48

I'm muhdnurhidayat, one of active players in Minetest, who is also translating many stuffs into Malay. Some of the stuffs I've translated to Malay includes software, plugins, mods, videos and documents.

I'm also the main Malay translator for Minetest, who translated Minetest game, engine, and its official Wiki; and selected Minetest mods that supports intllib into Malay. Just like many people out there, I want every free & open-source software to be available in more languages.

I'm in process of making a separate website for translation works and it would be live soon.

While I'm focusing on translating Minetest engine, game and Wiki, and existing mods which are released in or containing translations of English into Malay, I can also translates Japanese and/or Chinese into English and/or Malay upon request, be it Minetest-related or not. My own mods will be released in quadrilingual, English, Malay, Chinese and Japanese.
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