is creating drawing tutorials and youtube videos
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- Real time tutorials: You will be eligible to see every minutes of my drawing process! The videos will show my drawing steps with explanations. That means you will know all of my techniques and all the materials i am using for the drawing. There will be 3 tutorial series per week with each tutorial lasting up to 45 minutes! 

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- one extra bonus tutorial series at month ending! You guys will get to choose what tutorials you want to see!

- Live chat once in a week : You guys will have the chance to ask me any question with immediate reply 

- Critique: You guys can summit one work per month for feedback 




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About Muhhby

I am an artist who is interested in spreading knowledge to everyone. There is nothing more rewarding than having someone tell you that your tutorial helped them in improving their drawing skills. my main aim for Patreon is to share my knowledge to everyone. I will be teaching you my techniques and will be focussing on teaching you how to draw realistic straight away. pledging will give you asses to my contents, you can check out the reward section to pledge. 

I would like to say thank you so much for considering to become my Patreon. your contribution means a lot to me. if for any reason you can not afford to support me anymore there is option of canceling at anytime if you need to. Thank you for checking my Patreon page.  
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This goal would be absolutely incredible to reach because with this goal i will be able to get better recording camera and a professional art studio! currently i create all of my arts in my a small space in my apartment. basically this goal will give me the more space to create high professional videos and try other things out too like painting. thanks 
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