is creating price search tool optimised for multirotor drone parts




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About is a search tool optimized for multirotor drone racing and drone freestyle parts along with general pre-build drones.

The search tool was created as an independent project in my spare time to benefit the growing multirotor/drone community. I am a software developer who is also enthusiastic about building and flying my freestyle quads, so I made this search tool for our community hoping to make it easier for people to find and get an overview of replacement parts when they crash.

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The search tool is directed at people flying and building multirotor drones, who need new parts for their build and need a quick overview of the prices on a particular item, across a wide range of stores.

I aim to include every store on the web who offers multirotor parts. Currently, users can search for more than 22.000 products but I estimate the number of products will be more than 100.000 once the website is fully operational.

The products are updated daily to give the user the best experience.