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If you wanna help us by giving $1 then please help us. I will be thankful to you for this because if you even give us $1 cheerfully we will accept it cheerfully. 
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About DarkLegend

According to me if you are working hard for anything(I am working for you) Then you must have right to get paid because of my hard work. So if you appreciate my hard work then please please please donate because your donation motivates me to Make more ausm stuffs. 
Features of MultiVerse Official-
(1)Basic Moderation Commands
(2)Extra Moderation commands
(3)Self Verification Feature
(4)Self Assign Role(Talk to owner to enable it)
(5)Better UI
(6)Easy to use and remember commands because they are simple
(7)Make colourful polls
(8)Make giveaways
(9)Avatar Commands
(10)A good welcomer
(11)Easy to setup bot
(12)Sends random meme
(13)Basic info commands like mv!serverinfo, userinfo, etc
(14)Music Feature

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