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About Muse Seymour

Thank you for being a part of my Wonderland. I am an award winning screenwriter, poet, and author originally from Green Bay, WI. I've been spending my time between London, Paris, and the States the last few years writing for companies such as Spotify whilst trying to continue writing films and other tales.

I've been writing for years and recently my writing career has taken a turn where I either need to commit to it 100% or move on. My latest short film, 'Silent Melody', is currently making the festival rounds and has recently been nominated for Best Short Film at the Marquee on Main Festival. My script, 'The Doughnut Admirer', has been nominated for three Best Screenplay awards and won Best Screenplay at the Windy City International Film Festival this summer. The money that's contributed here helps keep me not only creating, but also attending these festivals in various places where my projects have been nominated for awards. Being there in person in such an unbelievable feeling as compared to receiving an email or being tagged in a post hours, sometimes days later. It also helps me to keep submitting to these festivals which can cost anywhere from a few dollars to upwards of $100. The festival circuit is not without substantial costs.

My current project has had me working with Carolyn and Wyatt Kuether of an amazing non-profit called The Production Farm, which works with youth primarily within the foster care system providing them opportunities to succeed through, art, film, and farm work. What we're creating is a fundraiser for the farm as an immersive theatre experience, Gags Nightmare, which is a tie-in to the forthcoming feature film Gags. By supporting this page you are also supporting them as this money allows me to donate my time to not only build amazing things with Carolyn and Wyatt, but also work with the kids as well. It's been an unbelievable experience to teach and learn from these incredibly talented teenagers.

The goal here is to create a community to create some fun art, film, stories, poems, and talk film and music. (I've also written album and show reviews). I'd like this to be a fun collaborative place where you get to be a part of the things I create, which you can see in the rewards. So, thank you for passing through the mirror, Alice. Let's go on a journey through Wonderland.

The video is something brilliant and eerie done by Sarah Kloepping of the USA Today on our recent project Gags Nightmare.

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When we get to 25 patrons I'll send out a signed copy to one lucky winner of a poster from the next film festival I attend. The two coming up are Marquee on Main in September and Lake Charles Film & Music Festival at the beginning of October.
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