is creating a Music Library featuring tracks in 432 Hz.

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When you subscribe to our “Spread The Love” package, here’s what you’ll get:

· One music track download per month. You‘ll get a code to use on our website. Peruse our collection, then pick whichever one suits your fancy.

· BASIC License to use the track to tell your own story, royalty-free. Use it for your website or YouTube channel.

· One exclusive 30-minute music mix per month (private use only). These mixes are available to Patrons only. Listen to it on your headphones during your workout, or when you want to decompress. Ahhhh. That feels nice.

All music featured on our site, as well as our exclusive mixes, are produced with love and in 432 Hz. You will be enjoying and spreading good vibes. Literally.

We support The Venus Project, which is part of their NPO Resource Based Economy, and we give a portion of your subscription proceeds to their super-amazing cause. Power in numbers, people! Power in numbers. 

So, let the good vibes begin.




We're here to change the world -- one music note at a time.

We create musical tracks with 432 Hz of frequency built into each track.

When musical frequencies are tuned to 432 Hz, the resulting sound produces a positive shift in chemical brain activity. 

We painstakingly craft soundtracks designed to promote happiness and well-being in the listener.

One happy listener can equal a bunch of happy listeners.

A bunch of happy listeners can equal an entire world of happy listeners.

A world of happy listeners can equal a world of happy people.

A world of happy people can equal a world filled with more love.

Use our tracks to create and share your own story, and spread the love.
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Our goal is to reach 432 amazing patrons.  When we reach 432 patrons, we will hire another musician to help us plump up our musical collection to offer even more good vibes.
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