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We're Dusk, a progressive rock and electronic band.  We started recording in 1994 on reel to reel and cassette, then four track in 1997 and finally digital in 2000.  The primary members are myself (Eric Hoffman) and Damon Edwards, followed by Jessica Hoffman, Amber Emard and Sean Hoffman. 

We grew up listening to progressive rock.  Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes, King Crimson.  As electronic music boomed in the mid 90's, and new art rock like Stereolab emerged, I noticed that it carried many of the same aspirations, and wanted to create something that represented all of it.  Since we do everything ourselves, we've made recordings for 20 years with some consistency.  Around 172 songs, 12 albums.  A new one in the works.

All our works are released under creative commons license.  We invite anyone to use anything they want, however they wish.  All music is free for download at Reverbnation.  We only want attribution.

If anyone wishes to donate, I offer a sincere appreciation. 
I never did this for money, partially because it can be odd, esoteric, and occasionally off putting, but also because it's that same structural recklessness that would have to be compromised in order to make it marketable. 

Below is our link to Reverbnation.  It's not a perfect platform, but it's free and allows me to store everything. 

$0 of $240 per null
A Maestro PS1-A Phase Shifter.  We had one growing up, one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard.  Ours ended up broken, and sadly they are vanishing now. 
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