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I've met a lot of musicians in Northern Ireland. One thing that is a common theme running through the heart of our musical journey is that we feel under-appreciated, people don't want to buy music today, it's churned out to the masses and when you go to nights out you only really hear a cover band. Music Paths is essentially about appreciating & curating the music of Northern Ireland. We have a wealth of artists that need and want to be heard and this is what we aim to do.

So I'm taking the opportunity to meet local musicians who feel they have a story to tell. I want to know not only the rock musician but the classical musician and everyone in between and beyond. We're kinda like a common chocolate bar with a lot of bubbles but we need to create a bit of friction the join us together as one. I want to show Northern Ireland that there is so much out there for our music scene and it's now long overdue that we had a voice. 

I only ask that you, the listener, join me and the people I talk to on this journey with an open heart & soul and relax with your best set of auditory devices. 

My name is Chris and I hope you will love hearing peoples stories as much as I do.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post