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Hello, allow us to present you a new clothing line made for people with big passion for music, dancing and partying. For those who 'live' music. We ourselves are big music festival lovers and so far we couldn't find a good clothing brand to match our passion for music, that's why we started our own apparel. If you are a music lover then today is your lucky day because we believe we share the same thinking that there is no such brand for us on the market.

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Our future plans:
We promise you'll be pretty impressed when you see what's next that we got prepared for you, and very soon if we manage to realise this project. Expect something unusual and exciting, , because thats what we are like, we love to connect fashion with music and we want to take you through our journey.

We need your help:
If you have kept reading up to here, it means you are interested and you belive in us. Thats exactly what we need from you, trust. Costs to start the manufacturing are high and you are the ones that can help us, in return we will offer you excellent products. We plan to stick on the market for a long time and we want to include all of you in our jurney. Belive us, we appreciate even the smallest help and we hope that together we will succeed. If any of you will need help starting a project, you have our word that we will try to help you, because good things always come back.

Filip Šarić is 21 year old „kid“ from Croatia. A true entrepreneur trying to succeed on his own. He loves music and festivals more than anything and one day he wanted to buy a t-shirt for him self and saw that there are no good brands for music lovers so the idea was born. He wants to make friends through his brand beacuse he knows that he's not the only one who love festivals and partying as much as he does.

I want to meet new people and share good vibes with them, I don't want them to think I want just their money, I want to connect people so when they see each other wearing my t-shirt they say „High five! Let's party together“ that's what I want.

And for the end
All we can say is thank you for your trust and support. Now when we got up to here we can only go further. Together, with you. Brothers and sisters, enjoy and see you on the music festivals. :)

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When we reach $500 a month we will buy camera equipment and start doing Festival Vlogs. Thank You for support! #MusicUnitesPeople P.S. I wanna party with all of you guys!
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