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About Muzikon


Who does it belong to?

Wishing to prove that music cannot be confined to concert halls, restricted to a single orchestra or constricted to standardized performance, we saw the need to create a chamber orchestra in our community, one that would bring classical music closer to a broader audience. 

And that is how Muzikon orchestra was born in 2013, right in the heart of Belgrade. 

We strive to truly be a 21st century artistic ensemble - apart from a classical repertoire, we have developed and performed digital concert projects,used interactive design and 3D mapping and technologies. Classical music doesn't have to be stuffy and boring!

Despite lack of state support and funding, we've managed to establish ourselves as a reputable orchestra in Belgrade's art scene. Apart from running smaller projects throughout Serbia and the Balkan region, we now have a regular concert season at one of Belgrade's most esteemed cultural institutions - Kolarac

What else have we done? 

Queen Symphony

Yes, THAT QUEEN! Did you know that Freddie Mercury, together with famous opera singer Monsterrat Caballe, created a one-of-a-kind musical production - Barcelona? Inspired by this, we decided to collaborate with the band Queen Real Tribute, and create a symphonic spectacle that would feature both the rock elements of Queen's hits, and orchestral elements from classical repertoires. 

Un-Professional Orchestra

In our quest to make classical music and performance accessible to everyone, we started our un-professional orchestra, assembling amateurs with little to no musical experience into a small orchestra. Throughout the program, we taught them basic music theory, how to play the pieces of their choice on their preferred instrument (piano, violin, guitar) and conducted a choir that sang traditional and modern songs. The un-professional orchestra then gave several public performances, the final one taking place at the cultural institution Kolarac. 

’Level up’’ season program

The new season, new statement and new approach in making music brings higher-quality concerts and the upgrade on all orchestra activities. Muzikon is featuring 5 new concerts in the endowment of Ilija M. Kolarac spanning from November 2018 to May 2019. Along with concerts, we’re planning multiple campaigns and events that will promote the quality of classical music and our orchestra, as well as cultural and musical education. The title of our new season suggests encouragement and upgrade, thinking outside of the box, and the development of creative ideas in the field of musical arts. The season brings new and even higher-quality musical content, with numerous exciting guest performers from Europe and around the world on each concert.

Despite our passion, energy and dedication, running a self-sustained grassroots orchestra is very challenging and funds often run short. If you like our work and what we stand for, we ask you to show your support by offering a donation or purchasing one of our perks. We promise to keep delivering and challenging others' perceptions of what an orchestra has to look like.
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