Marcus WC Tipton

is creating Arts, Stories and world travel to provide a hand up not handouts
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About Marcus WC Tipton

My priorities at this stage in my life are building Centers to provide education, training and opportunities to those people living in more rural and isolated locations around the world. Most of the current methods of "Social Assistance" globally, encourage the expansion of poverty, financially reward poor life choices and punish good life choices that would assist people in actually improving their median quality of life. I, in cooperation with a great many others, seek to change that and provide people with the tools they need to build a better life. The catch if you will, is doing so in a way that benefits the impoverished without punishing the producer. Complex and Systemic problems require complex and systemic solutions such as those we are introducing. To stay alive while I work on these projects sans pay, I write articles, stories and books which I hope will be enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences.
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