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is creating RC Model reviews and howtos, specifically DeviationTx model file
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Customized software configurations. Anything that can be done with a configuration change of publicly available builds, or minor changes to an existing deviationTx model file.  Changing a switch, or adding a feature like throttle hold to an otherwise unused switch. If it involves more both more than one switch and more than one channel, it's probably at the next level.
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More extensively customized configuration. For builds, this would typically imply creating a configuration from scratch. For model files, porting to a model that doesn't have as many switches as the model uses.
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A deviaitonTx custom model file. Message me on Patreon with the model information and what you'd like.




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About Mike Meyer

I build custom software for remote control model hardware of various kinds. The most successful of those is DeviationTx, an open source replacement for the firmware on a number of RC transmitters. I did not create deviationTx, but have been a contributor to it for a number of years now. For deviationTx, I write documentation, create custom model.ini files, and address issues like feature requests and bug reports. Beyond deviationTx, I work on things like receiver firmware, telemetry sensors and tools in general. While there are lots of things I'd like to do, lack of resources - either time to work on them, or money to purchase the required hardware, or any of a number of other things - prevents me from doing that.

Sadly, this software isn't always easy to use. Much of it is innovative, taking a more powerful but different approach to things than the commercially available software. DeviationTx justifiably has a reputation of being difficult to use, and in particular to configure for a specific model. Creating models for aircraft is sufficiently difficult that commercial firmware vendors provide such configurations for the aircraft they support. Their software is generally easier to configure than deviationTx, so deviationTx having no such support creates a serious problem for some people. Most of the rest of the software I work on is in even worse shape, as there is no community supporting it, just me, so the hit-or-miss documentation is mostly miss.

I'm on Patreon to address both of those issues. I offer software support contracts for the software I work on - again most notably deviationTx. You get the same kind of services that  better commercial firmware vendors offer via their customer support line, but tweaked for open source software.  So if you want commercial support, you can now buy it from me by the month. The money from this goes to support my hobby habit - meaning buying the hardware I want to develop software for or otherwise support.

What you get
Support for the open source software I work on.  At the bottom level, this is trivial customization. A build that is no longer available, or from someone else's repository for your hardware. Porting a configuration file to a different transmitter, or changing it slightly. At higher levels, you can get custom configurations written from scratch. You can always request anything at a lower reward level than you are paying for.

The big one first. This patreon page is solely my responsibility. While I have an affiliation with the devationTx project as a contributor and supporter, the deviationTx project has no affiliation with this page, no responsibility for it's contents or any offers on the page, and no obligations of any kind resulting from what occurs on this page.

Now the legal quibles:
  1. First is feasibility. You can't request something I determine is impossible, like porting deviationTx to the TH9X. How close you can come is a judgement call.
  2. Second is a limit of one request a month. You may make requests for any lower level reward, and multiple lower level requests may be allowed in a month at my discretion.
  3. Third is ownership. This is not work for hire; I hold the copyright to all work produced; you will get a license to do whatever you want with it (sell, post modify, etc). I expect most work to be made available to all users.
  4. Support request involving hardware must in general be for hardware I have available.

Also, while I reference deviationTx in a number of places, this actually applies to any software I work on regularly. At least for dealing with the software.

How to get it
You should contact me on Patreon to make a request. I'll be adding posts on what information to provide for different rewards at a later date.
$0 of $100 per month
Once subscriptions reach $100/month, buying transmitters so I can properly support them becomes a priority.  A 7E will be the first purchase, then probably an F12E to support the F series transmitters. After that, we'll see.
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