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"Let's show them how it's done!" 
Hi! My name is Karo and I am a Mexican cosplayer and writer!
I've been around the Fanfiction stuff for a loong while and I am just getting started with cosplay. It is not necessary that you become my Patron, I am happy if people are enjoying what I do and spread happiness! 
About me...
I write since I am fairly young, if I recall, I've been writing since 2010, starting up with Fanfiction about Halo, Fable and Red vs Blue. I started writing my own novels in 2013...And now since 2014, I've been working on two different book series: The Thronebreaker Series (Ketana's Star, Breath of Fire, Darkness Incarnate, and The Cursed Throne) and The Trauma Series (Violence, Mayhem, and Overdose)
I am also a cosplayer since 2018 and I am trying to be better with each passing day and to gain new abilities and skills! 
At the moment I am studying for being a psychologist, and most part of the money will probably be invested in my studies, so I will be forever grateful if you could help! 

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