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About MXQproject

Our aim is to bring some amazing and useful systems over to low cost Amlogic Android TV boxes - We have so far helped port Armbian, Lakka and help make retro gaming possible on this hardware.

Our current development is ScottELEC which is a port of Niabi's SX05re and is based on LibreELEC Amlogic port by KSZAQ. ScottELEC allows Amlogic TV box owners an incredibly easy way to play all your favourite retro games on your TV box. ScottELEC currently works on S805 and S905 devices including S905 variants like S905X, S905W and S905D.

Other developer have also being busy porting some amazing operating systems to the MXQ and we are helping to show case these efforts on youtube with easy to follow tutorials.
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With the recent release of ScottELEC we would like to further develop this system and make it even more awesome for AMlogic TV box owners. We also would like to bring ScottELEC to Amlogic S912 boxes.

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