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Hi folks! Thank you for stopping by. If you're just meeting me, I'm Mya Byrne, a trans musician and poet from New York, now based in San Francisco. I love my career and am thriving because of people like you. I'm a full-time artist and musician, but I often have to spend time doing other work to make ends meet. I want to spend my energy I do have doing what I do best all the time -- making art! 

That's where you and Patreon come in. Every pledge here directly helps me make music and record more songs. Patrons at every level, starting at $1, get exclusive material, including access to my "New Music Mondays" songwriting series - a bit of a behind the scenes look at my songwriting process.

You are the people who love and appreciate what I do, and have already graciously supported me in so many ways. Thank you again for helping make my dreams come true. 

Much love
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