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About Myke Prohaska

Hey, everybody! I'm Myke Prohaska, and I make games!

I spend my days as the lead game designer of Offscript Gaming, writing settings and sculpting game mechanics. I wrote the Evolve Narrative Gaming System, and will soon be unveiling the Prismadice System as part of the upcoming Tenko King Adventures RPG.

     Why Patreon: Even with a successful Kickstarter and as a result the various books associated with Evolve: Adventure and Todd the Ugliest Game on Earth pending release, there isn't much money to cover the additional things I'd like to see added in as a luxury (like even more art) or enough hours in the day to get as much work done as I want to without taking on additional part-time work. Even being able to trim out a single shift a week would be a full day of content generation and revision.

     What I'd love to do: Beyond the generation of many more books to come, is set up this Patreon as well as Offscript Gaming's website as a regular source of additional game content - maybe with monthly themes or teasers of material that could snowball into future game expansions. I'd love to make free-to-download-and-print card props for all of the games spells, abilities, and combat maneuvers, too.

     So, to reach that point, I need your help. With the help of Patreon we can do even more while we the various games and projects build to fruition. This will be a great chance to release some unique content to fans of our various products, and release news, teasers, and previews of upcoming work.

It is also an amazing way to have your voice heard and shape the nature of content being released!

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