is creating Free Ressources for Humans : designs(CAD) / recycle&ecology(DIY)
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About Myke974

Greetings and Welcome !

Designer, Computer Geek, and Open Mind,
Autodidact and Inventor ! 
Relentlessly Learning, Experimenting and Inventing stuff !
And it'll be my pleasure to be your host here
I'm deeply happy to see how this new internet age allow all humans/minds
To participate in Shared Projects !
We are Mind-Fusionning and Evolving Exponentially !
My goal is to share my ideas and builds for free for everyone.
So far :
  • Electronics projects : arduino / Raspberry Pi / R.C. : planes/drones
  • CNC / 3D printers
  • Hydroponic systems 
  • Mushroom cultivation 
  • game servers : Windows, Linux.

Sooooo why I need money for?
Simply because of insufficients funds I had to put some projects on hold !
By example :
  • Intelliclone : intelligent automatic plant cloning system
  • Outgrid solar panel system
  • Recycle Plastic Project for Reunion Island : please see ;)
I would be grateful if you choose to help me in my journey
my wish is that you make it YOURS as well !

------------------------------------ please see my posts for more recent updates ----------------
Older Achievements photos and links :
Battery cover (12V) with distribution, fuse, switch & alarm v1.0 :
Prusa i3 P802M/MA multi-tool conversion Project:

DIY 10$ Flow Hood

Be Sure There is a lot more where that came from ;)
Cryptos currencies donation addresses :
 BTC (Bitcoins) : 1Q2hKJnsJ6kkCipj8DCKVbdWMEBrEpEiss 
 LTC (Litecoins) : LL4iAe5weD8BYNkWBjSo8rMCbjUm5r5MkW
 ETN (Electroneum) : etnkEdQfxPh5wgPZwRYRE1Po6cXcfDcnHLpFc9YV2AGMQaEWauFdbVD7b1y34EXvuYRhRZTzQv9A6G8DHFY7S8qu3W68Ns95L2
Thank you for your support !
Peace ! :D
Sincerely yours,
Mickaël "Myke974" PIERRE
$0 of $50 per month
1 job walkthrought by month :
From CAD conception
To CAM work
Brodcast, Screencaps, Pictures, Comments and Files shared to Patrons !

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