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About David Myles

I remember thinking as a kid: No one in the world could possibly love music as much as I do. And after the last 13 or so years of touring internationally as a singer/songwriter, my love of music has only increased. Myles From Home is a radio show all about sharing that love and enthusiasm for great music. I want this show to get into the real reasons why particular songs move me, why I keep coming back to them, and why I hope you’ll love them too. I’ve been collecting records since elementary school—starting with jazz, moving through classic R&B and soul, and I’ve recently gotten heavy into classic country and bluegrass. So, I hope to move through all that territory while exploring brand new tunes as well. Together, every week! Before long, I hope this to also include live interviews and performances.

Myles From Home will be coming to you from my very own backyard in beautiful Halifax via The CKUA Radio Network every Saturday morning from 8-9AM AST/5-6 AM MST.  So, come join me for the ride, every Saturday morning!
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They say a person should verbalize their dreams. I've always dreamt of having a show like Rita And Friends or Tommy Hunter. I figure the best place to start is with my own radio show where I play the music I love and share with you why I love it so much. And now I need your support so we can grow this into something rad. Thank you.  
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