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is creating paintings. He also lectures and writes about art.
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About Jonathan Myles-Lea

I've been a professional artist for the last 26 years. Since 1991 I've focused mainly on painting landscapes and portraits of homes and gardens in oils. My former clients have included Prince Charles and The National Trust of Great Britain. Country Life Magazine kindly awarded me the title; 'Living National Treasure', which was rather wonderful, and The Bodleian Library at Oxford University has asked me to donate my archive to them. To date, I've created over 80 major works in 12 countries. You can see some of my work on my website:

While working on these projects I've been able to do a huge amount of independent research in the fields the fine and applied arts. I've extensively studied the contents of hundreds of museums and galleries in Europe and the U.S. I've been sharing my stunning photography, and providing well-informed information on-line, which I present in my uniquely energetic and passionate style through my Instagram profile. This has become an entertaining and informative resource for many thousands of people. (17,000 and rising). I interact warmly with my followers and provide advice concerning where to stay, where to see the greatest art and where to eat while they're travelling. I've effectively become a friendly, personal tour guide. It's incredibly rewarding to share my knowledge with so many uniquely interesting people. But, of course, it's also quite time-consuming... which is why I've started up this Patreon account. I'm hoping that some of the lovely people who enjoy reading my posts on my Instagram profile might feel the information that they see there is worth rewarding with a small monthly donation. I feel as though I'm helping so many people to avoid some of the expensive pitfalls when they travel, and saving them a lot of time by leading them to the sites they really can't miss.

I'm in the process of transitioning from a career in which I worked exclusively to commission, creating the large landscape paintings I mentioned earlier - to creating paintings in a more personal and emotional style. I've made this decision because in April 2016, at the age of 47, I was diagnosed with Collecting Duct Carcinoma - a very aggressive form of kidney cancer. Unfortunately this was discovered late and had spread to areas around my major heart vessels. I underwent major surgery and, 18 months later my scans have been pristine. Since surgery I've travelled to Rome, Greece, Boston and NYC. I'm full of energy and my passion for art is greater than ever. I've currently in Boston because I'm about to deliver a lecture on Friday at Harvard Business School with the title; 'The Power of Beauty and the Inflection Point'.

The ideas I present are so strong that I want to develop the lecture into a book. I also plan to make lectures available online which I hope will transform the lives of millions of people. I have a dynamic and engaging way of communicating and I'm confident that when I promote these videos through my Instagram profile I'll be able to generate a large following in a relatively short time.

What I say about art and beauty has transformed many people's lives. Through my paintings and the way I live my life I demonstrate a way of 'Being' which inspires others. I receive hundreds of messages from people who tell me that due to my posts on Instagram they have started painting again. Many people have told me that they have decided to visit places they've seen my visit on Instagram and they have "walked in my footsteps" revisiting the museums, galleries and restaurants I recommend. If some of the people who feel that have benefited from my inspiring words and photography on Instagram make the very generous and much appreciated decision to contribute a small monthly amount of perhaps only one or two pounds, euros or dollars per month, I'll feel I can continue to set aside time to creating more content. My main, (and only) income is still derived from the sale of my paintings. But having being introduced to the idea of seeking support from enlightened patrons via Patreon by some of my followers on Instagram - I decided to go ahead.  I hope you'll feel that my output means something to you and you believe that I should continue to change lives, uplift spirits and feed souls!  Thank you!
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I want to deepen my research and create an extensive series of lectures about art. Encountering someone who can point at something worth looking at, and talk knowledgably and passionately about it, is like opening a door which changes one's life. I know this, because I've met inspiring people who have changed my life by sharing their wisdom with me. My life's purpose had always been to inspire others. But since my cancer diagnosis last year, that purpose seems even more important.
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