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About MyLuxeFit

Find reviews of the size/fit of luxury designer clothing on Designer clothes are expensive; buying anything haute couture such as a Chanel jacket or a Theory dress requires research. Shoppers want to know what will fit before making an expensive purchase. We have countless reviews on the latest items fresh off the runway. Reviews are sorted according to size and designer. The fits of these designers have been well vetted by our exclusive online community.

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Browse by your size or by your favorite designer to see which clothes will fit you.

Be a contributor! After you buy an article of clothing, share your experience by filling out the forms on the page of the designer you wish to review. 

How it started
As a very petite woman, I've always had a difficult time finding designer clothing that fits my small frame. After becoming frustrated with the process of buying and returning expensive clothing from online shops (which are often abroad), and having spent many mindless hours waiting for Fedex/UPS to deliver these clothes to my home (only to have to return them again because of poor fit), I decided to start MyLuxeFit, to help women of all sizes find the latest designer clothing that fits.
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As I work toward reaching this goal, I will be able to hire more beta-testers to write clothing reviews. After about 400 reviews are up, this site should be a great resource for shoppers. 
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