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About Anne Thalheimer

Hi folks! I'm Anne!

I mostly do autobio comics. I've done a crabby autobio zine called booty for a while, though that project has been on hiatus since the Big Bad Best of Booty collection was published. I've published two other long-form comics narratives: What You Don't Get, which is my story about surviving a campus shooting in 1992 and what living with that's been like, and So...You're A Ref?, which is a collection of ridiculous stories compiled from the last ten years of being a roller derby official.  (These books are all available on my Etsy site and I might post some of those pages here as well from time to time, especially if there's a page I want to rework in retrospect.)

But I've also done a lot of other side projects; I had a strip that ran in the University of Delaware newspaper for a little while called Helleborine, where a little minion of hell and a wee angel mostly bickered with one another about literary theory and how much they both didn't like Delaware. (So say we all, apparently?)

I also learned how to watercolor recently, and that's been a little mind-blowing in terms of the art I've been creating. I had wanted to start a Patreon for some time to be able to house my content somewhere instead of posting it on Facebook or Instagram. So here you'll get access to some of the behind-the-scenes and the work that's in progress and other things I'm working on, including short stories that may or may not morph into comics, exclusive content, and things that I think are cool but won't always release to the general public. Some of it may end up in publication, most of it likely will not, but it'll at least be a way for me to update my artwork and to show a wider range of projects.

You'll probably also get a lot of weird museum selfies, because I work in a pretty rad local museum and it's hard to pass up the chance to post pictures about my delightfully weird museum life.

But...but I have all your books! And a hat! And you post on Facebook all the time anyway. What's all this about?

For some time I've been paring back on posting my art on social media platforms, in part because I'm working with some newer material but in part because sometimes I just don't know where that art goes. I'm also interested in developing a different kind of accountability; if left to my own devices I goof off or paint pictures of Edgar Allan Poe on skates, but that work rarely if ever sees the light of day (and sits around the studio, otherwise known as my dining room table). 

I'm also thinking about radically reformatting booty as we head into the next issue, and I want to try out some different formats and things before I commit to putting it in print at a certain size or style.
So how's this work again?
Check the tiers on the side of the page. For $1 a month, you get access to most of my posts and see most of the art. $3, more access; $5 a month, even more access to different posts, new art, more in-depth work, and so forth. This may change in coming months, in part because I'm a postalfreak and I love sending mail, so you might find some weird, awesome, random stuff in your mailbox at some of the higher tiers. I generally don't post on a set schedule, though that might change when I launch the next book project.

Thanks for checking out my work! 
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