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is creating Resin jewelry for My Mystic Charms on Etsy
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About Candice Williams

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I have always had the drive to do something that make the world prettier. My longest running art is calligraphy. I have been practicing the art of beautiful writing since I was 11, let's just say that was a long time ago.
In college I was a literature major, only because art wasn't an option, thought I did minor in visual arts with my pieces being shown at art exhibits.
I currently make jewelry using botanicals cast in resin and incorporating wire work, beads and natural gemstones and crystals, which I find deeply satisfying.
Becoming my Patreon will give you a behind-the-scenes look at making. It isn't always pretty, but it can be funny. Projects fail (sometimes epically), but it is all part of learning. I want to encourage people to work through the mess. Learn from the mess. Success often is the result of unexpected results (or happy accident, if you like).

I wish to live a life of creating love and beauty in an increasingly unattractive world. I create for the white witches, the bohemian spirits, the wild women, the moon children, and the star gazers.

My personal motto is "Be in love with love."

Thank you all of you beautiful people. I know you will find something you like.
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