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>All Patrons at this level get an inside look at the creation of each SAKANA page, including thumbnails, pencils, inks, and editing.  There will also be ocassional tutorials that go more in-depth into certain areas of comic production. (scanning, inking tips, digital edits, color, etc.) 

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About Mad Rupert

Hi there! My name is Mad Rupert! 

A little bit about me: 'Mad' is just short for Madeline, I'm not actually an angry man named Rupert. I live in Savannah, Georgia and I draw tons and tons and tons of comics, including licensed comics for companies like Boom! and Oni Press, and my long-running webcomic SAKANA! 

You can read SAKANA here:

Pledgers to the $5+ tiers will also gain access to a private SAKANA BACKER'S BLOG, which contains thumbnails, in-progress shots, and completed comic pages for upcoming Sakana projects. Currently, I am working on a 24-page minicomic called "HELP WANTED." If you'd like to watch the creation of this comic from start to finish, please consider pledging! 

You can find more of my art and comics in these fun places: (for general art and stuff) (the official SAKANA tumblr) (to read the SAKANA comic) (the Pol-Apo blog) (for announcements and life updates)

<3 Mad 
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SAKANA UPDATES 3 TIMES A WEEK. At this level of support, I'll be able to up my production and produce 3 Sakana pages a week, instead of 2.
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