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About Martel Dotson

My name is Martel Dotson and I am a fan of mystery and detective stories. I created a blog called Mystery Street Reviews which looks into crime and mystery fiction in all forms of media, and then I thought why just review them in text when I can express them on video.  Since 2010 I have been hosting Mystery Street Reviews as an internet web series.  But as much as I have done with very little, I know that I can make it better.  Which is why I have turned to Patreon.

What to expect from Mystery Street Reviews

The series reviews the genre of mystery fiction in books, movies, TV and games. as well as give the viewers a view of the rich history of detective fiction.  Mystery Street Reviews is made up of two shows. The webseries features my character MarDot The Mystorian, a young slacker who is inducted into a secret society of crime experts to head up the fictional section of their hidden library known as "The Black Archives", who eventually decides to review movies or books to see if they can be deemed acceptable for both his fellow Mystorians as well as mystery fans.  The other show is Mystery Street Live, where I do a livestream show on YouTube and talk to mystery authors, discuss about new books and movies coming out, topics in mystery fiction and maybe have a movie night MST3K style.

So in nutshell, I wanted to create something that would attract fans of the genre and also to get anyone who is interested in the genre. I'm hoping to use Patreon to help strengthen the show and meet the goals I want to achieve for Mystery Street Reviews.     

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