is creating Discord server: Mystic Cave Zone Act 4
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About Fakerac

I'm a simple guy, I love games and I have a passion for them, I make some fan-games (planning on making an indie-project!) aswell, I also love food, it's yummy for my tummy! But now, i'm creating a Discord server named: Mystic Cave Zone Act 4, it's a community server for fan-game creators or just people that want to hangout, chill based around Sonic the Hedgehog, as a way to support me or just thank me for anything, you can donate through this website, all money gathered will be spent for my own enjoyement, food, etc and from time to time I will make giveaways, giving away games and stuff!  For everyone that will donate, thank you! And here's a link to my server! https://dc.railgun.works/vtp4lmpk9c
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When I reach 150$ per month, I'll start making a free Indie Project for Steam.
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