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About Mythicaliity

Hey, guys!

My name's Myth, and I'm a Cosplayer and entertainer primarily based on the social media app TikTok.

I've been cosplaying for close to 11 years now (wow, I suddenly feel super old!), and have recently began experimenting with face paints and sfx makeup. I'm very much an amateur, but I'm eager to learn and improve! Some of my cosplays I make myself, others I buy online or piece together from items found on Ebay or thrift stores.

I love to entertain and to make people smile - for me, that is the number one reason why I continue to cosplay and create my silly little TikTok videos. The support has been overwhelming, and I only hope people continue to enjoy the content I put out.

I work part time in a pet store, and am hoping to put together my own small business in the near future! I'd also love to set up a Youtube channel some day, focusing on face paint for beginners and TikTok tutorials, as well as comedic skits/Lets Play videos - all whilst in cosplay!

Any and all donations given would go toward new cosplays, whether that's makeup, materials, wigs, full costumes, or camera and lighting equipment to give my videos a more professional look.

Tiers may be subject to change!

If you decide to support me here on Patreon, thank you so much! If not, I still hugely appreciate the emotional and social media support! Take care, and have a great day!
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