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◉ A comission, just for you. Anything you'd like, anything you'd want :3 
It can be in color, or just plain good ol' blacknwhite. You will get the sketch, the lineart and the drawing, in the best resolution ♥
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OMG TwT More than what I could imagine The smallest patreon is the most beloved ♥ For your support I'll give you (yesh, just for you) 
◉ A custom <<Thank you>> drawing, with all my love
◉ Access to the sketch & lineart files of each of my drawings [a special folder just for you]
◉ A drawing, requested by you. It can be your OC's, fanart... whatever you want! Just PM me on my Deviant ART. Let me draw for you~
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WTHell!!! Can we get married!? I would be so grateful if you helped me this much! I could save it to fund my new wacom pen [yes, is dying q.q], or get some chips to get inspiration >.< I wont disappoint you! 

◉ A custom <<Thank you so f*cking much!!!!>> drawing, with all my love
◉ Access to the sketch & lineart files of each of my drawings [a special folder just for you]
◉ Access to unfinished drawings [please comment feedback so I can get better! :3 ]
◉ 2 drawings, requested by you. [PM on my DA]
◉ High Resolution download of each of my drawings
◉ A special speedpaint of one of my drawings. They are like this:




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About Mythikun

Hey! My name is Diana, or like everybody call me, Mythikun. While I’m not playing Overwatch, studying hard to be a designer, or daydreaming about the imposible, I draw like crazy.
I love to paint! Tracing over paper or on my pc, and give my characters their features is truly my favorite thing. “And, I thought, why couldnt I get something for it?”
it would really be a dream to make a living for my art, but meanwhile I finish my career and all…. you could be my patreon! ❤
Holi! Soy Diana, o como todos me dicen, Mythikun. Cuando no me encuentro jugando Overwatch, estudiando duro para ser diseñadora o soñando con cosas imposibles, me pongo a dibujar como loca. Amo ilustrar! Trazar sobre papel o en la computadora, y darle con amor los rasgos a mis personajes es realmente mi pasatiempo favorito. “Y - pensé - por qué no sacar algo de provecho?” Realmente sería un sueño poder vivir de mi arte, pero en lo que termino mi carrera y eso… tu podrías ser mi patreon ❤
 ☆`•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆•.¸.•´¯`♥ Lets be friends! ♥ ´¯`•.¸.•☆º♥`•.¸.•´☆

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I'll make a "thank you" video and submit a daily drawing!
This could look simple, but it would totally make a change in my life. From motivation to fund my about-to-die wacom pen, this milestone is my first dream n.n
If we reach this, It will mean you believe in me so mcuh that I cant get lazy hahaha x3 So... 
◉ I will make a "Thank you" video. No matter how ashamed I will be e.e 
◉ I will start uploading a daily sketch/ drawing 
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